HPE Serviceguard for Linux

每停機一分鐘,您的企業會有多大損失? HPE Serviceguard for Linux® (SGLX) 是一款高可用性 (HA) 和災難復原 (DR) 叢集化解決方案,無論距離遠近,都能跨實體或虛擬環境保護系統,以防受到各種基礎架構和應用程式故障的影響,從而延長關鍵應用程式的開機運作時間。HPE Serviceguard 能降低意外停機帶來的影響,同時兼顧資料完整性和效能。此外,也有助於達成停機時間近乎為零的計劃內維護。






適用於 SAP HANA、Oracle 及其他企業資料庫和應用程式的現成解決方案

HPE SGLX 可為 SAP HANA、SAP S/4 HANA®、SAP NetWeaver®、Oracle、Linux 上的 SQL Server 2017、IBM Db2、Sybase 和 EnterpriseDB Postgress Advanced Server 提供現成的整合,並且為應用程式更新版本提供近乎持續的認證與增強功能。

HPE SGLX 還提供整合開放原始碼軟體的功能,例如可整合網路檔案系統 (NFS)、Apache、MySQL、PostgreSQL、Samba、Tomcat 和 Sendmail 等,而且完全免費。透過 HPE SGLX GUI 導向精靈,您可以輕鬆整合其他自訂或 ISV 應用程式。


停機時間近乎為零的維護、輕鬆管理及最佳的總體成本 (TCO)



[1] Failover recovery observed in HPE internal lab testing. The system was based on an HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen10 server with RHEL 7.3 running HPE Serviceguard 12.10.00 configuration dependent, excluding cluster reformation time.

[2] 依據 Hewlett Packard 實驗室分析,在執行叢集的維護活動 (包括維護活動訊號網路) 時,以往通常必須中斷應用程式。但是,藉助 LAD 功能,應用程式停機時間可降為零,即使仍在維護活動訊號網路且叢集已中斷時也是如此。

[3] Based on Hewlett Packard Labs analysis that shows typical manual effort for integrating an Oracle Database into a cluster requires 30 engineering days. With Oracle toolkit from Hewlett Package Enterprise, this integration is achieved in two engineering days or less.

[4] 依據觀察適用於在 HPE Superdome Flex 伺服器 (配備 HPE Serviceguard for Linux 和 Oracle Data Guard) 上執行 Oracle 資料庫的 HPE 參考架構所得到的容錯移轉復原時間。http://h20195.www2.hpe.com/V2/GetDocument.aspx?docname=a50000280enw



  • HPE SGLX is supported on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to provide high availability for workloads deployed in the cloud with shared-nothing architectures
  • HPE SGLX Flex Storage delivers a flexible HA and DR solution for applications deployed on any storage architecture including persistent memory, local, direct-attached, disaggregated storage, and HCI
  • It offers improved TCO by enabling enterprise-grade HA solutions on cost-effective storage architectures with no dependence on traditional SAN
  • It creates highly available environments without shared storage for applications such as SAP S4/HANA and NFS
  • HPE SGLX Premium for SAP HANA® is the industry-first fully automatic HA and DR solution that leverages SAP HANA System Replication to provide unattended recovery across multiple HANA tiers
  • New 5-year subscription option, in addition to existing 1- and 3-year choices and support for new OS and ISV versions: RHEL8.4, OL 8.4(UEK6), SLES 15 SP3, EDB 13, DB2 support with RHEL8, and SLES 15